Doug Sabin

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We (as an FV Martin Family) are going to miss part of our family tree the first part of May. Doug Sabin has decided to retire. Doug has been a great asset to our company. He has hired many of our drivers and continues to excel at keeping this company rolling. He will be truly missed here at FV Martin. If you get a chance, please come in and let him know what a great job he has done and congratulate him on his retirement. Though he may be leaving the valley, he will still be in contact and we wish him a farewell. We all want to wish him good luck in his next endeavor!

From all of us at FV Martin,

Thank you!

4 New Out of Service Violations

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Here are the major out of service changes that went into effect on April 1:

DRIVER’S SEAT (MISSING), a. to provide an out-of-service condition for a missing driver’s seat. Drivers using a temporary seat rather than a permanent seat that is secured to the vehicle in a workmanlike manner was added to the out-of-service criteria.
DRIVER MEDICAL/PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS, a. Skill Performance Evaluation Certificate by modifying the language. A driver who possesses a valid Skill Performance Evaluation (SPE) but is not complying with the SPE requirements should be placed out of service.
BRAKE SYSTEMS, g. Brake Drums and Rotors (Discs), (2) by adding language and a picture for cracks in structural supports of a brake rotor. If there are cracks through the vents in rotors, a collapse of the rotor is imminent; therefore, the vehicle should be placed out of service.
STEERING MECHANISMS, h. Tie Rods and Drag Links, (3) to add an out-of-service condition for a non-manufactured hole. A non-manufactured hole in a drag link should be placed out of service.

Shout out to DJ!!

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DJ, who has worked here at FVMartin for 6 years has given his notice and will be leaving the FVM Family. DJ has been a dedicated, motivated, and hard working employee. Friday, April 5th will be his last day of employment. Please make sure that you go tell him what a tremendous job he has done for all of us at FVM. He will be truly missed and we all wish him well in his new endeavor.


What to expect at an inspection part III

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Level III: Driver/Credential/Administration Inspection
A Level III inspection is limited to the driver’s credentials. It includes seatbelt usage, a review of their CDL, Medical Examiner’s and SKE certificates, HOS compliance, alcohol and drug use, record of duty status, and vehicle inspection reports.

Level IV: Special Inspections
A Level IV inspection would typically include the review of a specific item. These are typically performed in support of a specific study or to confirm or deny a certain trend.

Level V: Vehicle-Only Inspection
A Level V inspection includes all of the items in a Level I North American Standard Inspection conducted at any location without needing a driver to be present.

Help US

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As some of you know this has been a different winter for us. The weather, and the economy has not been very kind to trucking, which is one of the reasons why things have been slow.
We are about to step into our busy season and we need several truck drivers for both Log Truck and Flatbed.
Please remember we have a Recruiting Bonus of $1,000 for referring someone, them being hired, and staying at least 6 months. You are not responsible for how they turn out- they are!!

Your help is appreciated.

Inspectors to focus on steering, suspension during June’s Roadcheck inspection blitz

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The annual International Roadcheck 72-hour inspection blitz will be held June 4-6 with a focus on steering and suspension systems.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which conducts the event each year, says steering and suspension are critical for all commercial vehicles.

“Not only do they support the heavy loads carried by trucks and buses, but they also help maintain stability and control under acceleration and braking, keeping the vehicle safely on the road,” says CVSA President Chief Jay Thompson with the Arkansas Highway Police. “Furthermore, they keep tires in alignment, reducing chances of uneven tire wear and possible tire failure, and they maximize the contact between the tires and the road to provide steering stability and good handling.”

Inspectors sideline 12,000 trucks during annual Roadcheck inspection spree

The top three out-of-service violations for trucks were for brake systems (28.4 percent), tires and wheels (19.1 percent) and brake adjustment (16.3 percent). The top …

Inspectors will primarily conduct Level I inspections on most rigs checked during the three-day blitz. Level I inspections are the most thorough, including examination of both driver compliance and vehicle-related violations.

Inspections will include checks of brakes, cargo securement, lights, steering, suspension, tires and more. Drivers will also be required to provide their CDLs, Medical Examiner’s Certificates, logs and more. If no violations are found, inspectors will issue a CVSA decal that indicates the vehicle has passed an inspection.

“International Roadcheck is a high visibility, three-day commercial motor vehicle and driver inspection and enforcement event,” Thompson adds. “However, aside from the increased inspections, we are not doing anything differently than any other day. The inspections performed during International Roadcheck are the same inspections that are conducted the day before International Roadcheck starts and the day after it concludes, as well as any other day of the year.”

CVSA says approximately 17 trucks and buses are inspected, on average, every minute during the Roadcheck blitz.

Last year’s event sidelined nearly 12,000 trucks and buses and more than 2,600 drivers with out-of-service orders. Brakes, tires and wheels, and brake adjustment were the top three vehicle out-of-service violations issued during 2018’s Roadcheck. The top driver out-of-service violations were hours of service, wrong class license and false logs.


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The Sheriff released information about fatalities last year, & there were 31 fatalities in Jackson County, 29 of those included drugs or alcohol.

As a professional truck driver, please take notice and be prepared to avoid these impaired drivers.


Some thing for the log truck drivers to think about.

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My goal of course, is to keep everyone busy right here. Running out of our yard. It is easier for Joe and his guys to keep them all running and serviced. It is where you all applied for a job. I get that.

I just want to run this thought by you all to see if I get any interest.

Jack with A&P Logging has been asking us for two years to go to the coast with his side for the summer. He loves our company and the way we take care of him. Green Diamond has approached us with similar request.

With the smoke we have been having here all summer long, every year, I thought it might be worth asking some of you if you would like to take a camp trailer and your wife to the coast for the summer to stay busy and get out of the smoke.

I would try to work something out to help pay for the camp sight for you. We are also currently looking for local drivers over there.

Nothing is set up yet. Nor is this a for sure thing. It is just something we are looking at. If you might be interested in such a venture, come talk to Troy.

Friendly Reminder

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It appears some of our drivers could use a friendly reminder, regarding safe work practices!!

Please make sure you not only secure your load, but check it often to make certain all is safe. We recently had a couple of Out of Service Violations for Load Securement. Loose straps and loose binders!

With the transition of the weather, winter to spring, it is important that you keep your mirrors & windshield clean, and tail lights wiped off so people can see you ahead, turning, stopping, and you can see them.

Remember you are a PROfessional truck driver, (aka-transportation engineer.)

How Safe are YOU?

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Just a heads up. Due to some recent reports, we will be visiting mills and logging sites looking for safety vest and hard hats being worn by all our employees.

Even if the loggers allow you out side your truck with out them, you still look very unprofessional. We need to show everyone WE ARE THE PRO’S. It also is in your safety interest.

Always wear your personal safety equipment.

Troy Hutchens