Fuel Entries

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Please remember to input your fuel into EROAD every fueling. There has been an abundance of missed entries and it is causing issues for the office. If you fuel, input it into EROAD immediately after. Get into a routine of entering it into the system right after fueling. This goes for ALL fuel, yard or outside. If you forget, don’t try to enter at a later time, it screws up the gps attached to each fueling.

6 truck driving tips from experienced truckers

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Learning to drive an 18-wheeler does not stop at making a correct left turn. It is a lifetime skill many talented drivers have refined to an art form.
My first lessons included good practices to make your day go more smoothly. I didn’t get that information from a book, but from qualified trainers who took the time to cause me to think about the next step and develop good habits that would help me in my work.
Here are six truck driving tips I would like to share and give the trainers that assisted me credit, where it is most certainly overdue:
1. Look back at your truck after parking.
I park my truck in a parking spot, get out of the truck and walk toward the operating center. I have been told numerous times what to do when I walk away from the truck and I think I know it by now. My trainer says to me, “Are you done?” I respond, “Yes!”
We are walking and talking and he tells me to look back at my truck. And there it is. My left blinker is ticking away. I must have bumped it getting out of my truck. I smile, hang my head and start my walk of shame back to the truck to turn the blinker off.
Always turn around and look at your truck when leaving it. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen flashing lights and blinkers in the parking lot. Thank you, David Dandeneau, for one of my first and most important lessons in driving.

2. Be aware of your trailer 24/7.
If it leaves the road or goes outside of the line, you aren’t driving safely. That trailer is a weapon that could get you and others injured or killed. But the expression I learned when I was backing up very close to the trailer next to me was, “Drive that trailer or you are subject to failure!” I never forgot it. Thank you, Ken Booker!

3. Do a good pre-trip inspection.
You never know when you will be asked, “Did you do a pre-trip?” And if it’s a DOT officer, you want to know if you looked good at the inspection date, the lights, the tires, the pins, fifth wheel, lights and even the valve stem covers. I’m picky about them and keep plenty extra in my side pocket door.
A story from my first year of trucking really drove home that point: We ran into an old friend, and he had just picked up a load in which he needed to put a valve stem cover on all eight trailer tires. Again, thank you, David Dandeneau, for your wisdom and an important reminder! I won’t ever forget that, and Maintenance is glad to accommodate drivers with free valve stem covers and extra lights.

4. When you see the spot you want, pay attention to the tire path.
Many times the truck that just pulled out will have a perfect path to back into. Aim your tire for that path. You will be surprised at how close you can get and how much you will improve your accuracy by paying attention to the path your wheels are taking. But don’t forget to G.O.A.L. (Get Out And Look)! That is some of the best advice truckers ever got! I heard it from all trainers, but more often from Joe Ward, retired, and my own husband, Joe Nader. Thanks to all!

5. Pay attention.
When you take the exit to the truck stop, look at the exit and the signs and make sure you know how to get back to the highway. There are many kinds of exits and many ways to exit, but only certain ones will lead you in the right direction. And with out-of-route miles being so important, you want to keep them to a minimum. Not to mention you could get lost taking the wrong turn. I know where I-40 is, but I don’t necessarily know the community behind and around it. Thanks again to my husband, Joe Nader. Not getting lost is a big advantage!

6. Don’t swerve to miss that animal.
I love animals as much as anyone, but it’s not worth risking your life or other motorists’ lives to swerve 80,000 pounds around the road to avoid an animal. It’s sad that some folks still let their animals run amok, and I hated running over a beautiful boxer dog at Big Cabin, a deer on the run in Wyoming and an alligator in Alabama. None of them knew I was there, and I tried slowing down, but there was nothing more I could do. Grip the wheel tight, keep the truck straight and slow down — that’s all you can do.
I think not swerving to avoid the animals is very important. And I have to thank the Safety department for that policy. It’s a good one.

Never be afraid to ask for help

If you’re an experienced trucker with truck driving tips to share, I am seeing a lot of new drivers that could benefit from your experience. At Schneider, we work together to help each other find a solution.
I can remember one thing my husband always told his trainees, and I was one of those: “You are not in this alone. Ask for help when you need it.”

It was, and still is, good advice.

BOOMFest Central Point

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BOOMFEST TIPS – If you’re going to the Expo for July 4th fun, here are a few things to keep in mind:
• Parking is in Expo lots only
• No stopping or parking on Peninger Rd. or I-5
• Look for the designated area for using legal fireworks
• Smoking/vaping allowed in designated areas only; marijuana smoking is illegal in public 
• After the fireworks, NO INCOMING TRAFFIC will be allowed on Peninger Rd. for about an hour (you won’t be able to get in to pick someone up – plan accordingly)
• North parking lots will exit one way in both lanes to Upton Rd., while south lots will exit to Pine St.
• Deputies will be watching for impaired drivers; plan ahead to get home safely
• Event info: https://www.attheexpo.com/Page.asp?NavID=492

Have a safe and fun 4th!


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Today that is Construction reports. We have multiple high imapct construction projects across Southern Oregon and Northern California today.

I 5 is seeing work being done on the Dunsmuir Grade between Mt. Shasta City and Dunsmuir. Delays of 15 minutes can be expected.

Highway 62 east of Shady Cove is seeing a major chip sealing project. Work will continue there through this next week. This was supposed to be done last summer, but the Miles Fire prevented that work from being done. Expect up to 20 minute delays there.

From today through the end of September, the Collier Tunnel Rest Area on Highway 199 will be closed for construction. This is the only rest area on Highway 199 between Grants Pass and Crescent City, There alternate restroom facilities at businesses and also at campgrounds along Highway 199.

For the complete road reports and all information, click the link in blue below.


Picture Contest

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We are looking for new and cool pictures of our trucks doing their job to put on our webpage FVMartin.com

If you can take a picture of your truck or a coworker’s truck that is special and we choose it. Troy will give you a $50.00 Outback gift card.

Send all pictures to stew’s phone 541-601-4975 or to Stew.davis@fvmartin.com   Make sure to tell him who sent them and a little description of the setting.

Keep taking them we may do this more than once.

Troy Hutchens

Republicans need our help!

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As you may be aware, the fight against cap and trade legislation (HB 2020) is not over yet. Republican senators have left the state to deny democrats a quorum because democrat leadership have not negotiated cap and trade in good faith. They have protested against this bill that will impact everyone, including the general consumer. Cap and trade could cause Oregon’s trucking businesses and other industries to move out of state, pass the costs of goods to you, or go out of business altogether. They are taking a stand against HB 2020 for you and other Oregon families, so please take a minute to thank them. They NEED your support! Click on the link below to contact your legislators now. 


Expect delays on Oregon 62 next two weeks

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Beginning 7am-6pm June 18th, drivers between Trail and Casey State Park will have to deal with roadwork delays up to 20 minutes. Crews will chip-seal June 18-19 and then move onto removing loose chips on June 20-21st. Sealing the pavement will occur June 24-25th. Please slow down in the work zone.

Save a life, follow simple road rules.

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This is a reminder to every one of our employees to SLOW DOWN in a construction zone. This isn’t us asking you to do us a favor, this is a simple road rule that you should be following in the first place. Yesterday, a Flagger was killed in a construction zone in Klamath Falls. This could have been the result of many things, but if you eliminate all distractions and stay focused while driving, it can be avoided. Pay attention to your surroundings, slow down like the Law requires and be aware of persons on the road. You could save a life by following these steps, or you could end one by disregarding them.


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I would like to personally invite you all, including your family, to come share a few hours with us. Food, fun and just plain old camaraderie.

Bring a beer and throw a shoe. They are lots of fun with no stress. Enjoy each other’s company. If you see someone you don’t know, introduce yourself. Make life-long friends.

This Saturday, June 22nd at 11:00 at Emigrant Lake. (Sorry the park says no pets allowed) We will pay for your parking. Tell the gate keeper you are with the Martin Companies.

Hope to see you all there.