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I cannot stress the importance of a pre-trip inspection. This is a chance to look your truck over for anything that may have happened since you or the last driver got out of the truck. Perhaps you missed a burnt out head light, perhaps you have a coolant leak that has developed while parked, perhaps the shop changed your oil filters and rolled an o- ring creating a leak. Maybe you have a slow leak in a tire, or you left your fuel cap off. All of these items could and should be found while doing a pre-trip inspection.

Out of Fuel?

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Yesterday afternoon we ran out of fuel in our holding tanks. This is a very rare occurrence here at FV Martin Trucking Co. I want to slow down any rumors that may start because of this.

This was caused by a human error in the office. Not due to cutting it to close because of money concerns. With the amount of fuel we use because of the size of our fleet and the amount we can store, everyday we have to keep close tabs on it.

We order it in time to keep you all rolling with out running out or over filling. This week we made an error and miscalculated the next purchase needed.

We have fixed it and it shouldn’t happen again. Thank you for your understanding.

Troy Hutchens

School is starting

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Just a friendly reminder that school is about to start back up in many places in a few weeks.

Please be aware of your surroundings and be cautious of buses and new teen drivers.

There will be an abundance of parents and children walking to school, please pay extra attention in a school zone. Not only are fines higher if you are cited for a traffic violation in a school zone, but you could cause serious harm or even death if there is any laps in judgement.


Bump Start

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Today we had a driver accidentally bump start his engine backwards. This is not a common problem but one that everyone needs to know what to do in this situation. Typical this only happens to older mechanical Cat engines and the first indication is smoke coming out of your air cleaner and zero oil pressure.
Fortunately the driver noticed both of these indicators, shut off his engine, checked his oil, and then restarted the engine. It appears no damage was done to the engine. However I have seen the rod and main bearings welded to the crankshaft causing extensive damage to the engine. Be aware and know what to do.


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Reminder to all log truck drivers: Please change your configurations when empty and loaded. We have several drivers simply not even trying to configure. If you forget, it isn’t the end of the world. Simply call into the office and ask Shelley, Ryan or anyone else if they can add or change your configuration. Thank you!

Time Sheets

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Please put your starting time, ending time, and total times are ALL of your timesheets. This is very important for payroll.
If you settle for “good,” you’ll never be the best.

Protect Yourself

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If a log or a piece of lumber fell off your truck and hit a car and wounded someone, would your ERoad show you stopped and checked your wrappers?
Does your ERoad tracking show you are aware of safety and work to achieve it?
Defense attorneys will get to look at your record in that manner. You can make yourself look great or poor. Do the right thing. Do your safety stop and checks daily.

Troy Hutchens

I-5 southbound traffic change set for Thursday night

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July 31, 2019 R3-22-19
ASHLAND – Southbound I-5 drivers should prepare for single lane traffic and delays south of Ashland beginning late Thursday, August 1, as construction begins to improve the southbound concrete roadway.
From now until mid-October, when the first season of construction is complete, drivers in both directions will experience single lane, slow moving traffic in the two mile work zone between MP 11.4 to 9, especially during heavy travel days and weekends.
During night time operations, when crews will have single lane closures elsewhere in the project area, the construction speed limit will be posted at 40 MPH and enforced by OSP.

To help drivers know when there is a delay, ODOT is using Smart Work Zone Technology to show travel times through the work zone. Visit and look for the watch icon at either end of the work zone.
Over the project’s three seasons, contractor Carter and Company will repair and replace damaged concrete sections and level rutted travel lanes where needed between the California border and Exit 11, south Ashland exit.
In spring through fall 2020 and 2021, the project will replace the Exit 6 (Mt. Ashland) bridge decks. There will be additional crossovers during those years, along with ramp closures and ramp paving.
“Project staging and keeping everyone connected will be a challenge,” said ODOT Project Manager Chris Hunter of the $26 million project. “Interstate traffic will need to be slowed, especially those trucks coming down the grade at the crossover. At the same time, a single lane of traffic for trucks going up the grade will mean back-ups.”
Caltrans is also working several projects on the I-5 corridor between Redding and Weed this summer.


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The vast majority of drivers are paying attention to EVERY aspect of their driving. That is including pulling into or backing out of tight spaces, without hitting a stationary object, or something else.
Make it a daily habit to GET OUT AND LOOK, to where you’re going. The small amount of time it takes really outweighs the delays to take care of a damaged truck, trailer, or property.
BE THE PRO- and Drive like it!



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Please keep in mind the what time of year it is and your surrounding conditions. If you smoke PLEASE do not smoke at all off highway. And DO NOT throw butts out your window.
Fires not only kill people and make it hard to breath. They shut down our work!!!!!