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I want to take a moment to express my sorrow over the recent accident that affected our industry. My thoughts are with all involved. Even though there has been an improvement in safety, this reminds us of the dangers in our industry.

I also want take a moment to remind everyone to slow down!

Take a moment to call out that mile marker.

Take a moment to make sure your brakes are in adjustment.

Take a moment to make sure your trailer brakes are working before leaving the landing.

Take a moment to stop and tighten any loose wrappers or strap.

Take a moment to help out a less experienced driver.

Take a moment to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or a terrific sunset.

Take a moment to remember who’s waiting at home.

Cigarette Smokers Please be considerate!

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Empty your ashtrays daily, in the trash, not on the ground.

Use your air hose to blow out ashes and dust in the cab.

When you smoke, roll down the window.

Always leave your truck ready for someone else to get into, (they may not smoke!)



Shop Etiquette

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There seems to be a break down in communications that needs to be addressed. If a driver needs something to their truck from the shop, they need to receive it from a shop employee so it can be charged to the proper equipment.  If your truck needs oil, coolant or any other fluid, please get it from a shop employee, DO NOT HELP YOURSELF.

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When chaining down a load, CONSIDER THIS!  Those stake pockets are made of aluminum!

If the load is heavy enough, and shifts for ANY reason, those pockets could rip out!

Try and run the tail of the chain through the pocket then around the body of the winch, then hook it back on itself. Be sure to position the chain around the end of the winch, otherwise you may collapse the barrel of the winch if it is in the center.

With the proper choice of an anchor point, the stronger your load securement will be.

ALSO do not rely on the “strap hook” as your anchor point!

If there is any doubt- check with your supervisor before you move the load.

Flatbed Veneer

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Just a NEWER update for you all on gut wrapping veneer. I have received a letter from Oregon telling me my options to contest the current FMCSA rule. One of them is to ask for an exemption for the state of Oregon.

Me and my team have drafted a letter and sent it off to Washington DC. We hope to hear something soon in the saga that is gut wrapping veneer.

I wish I would have gotten all this a week earlier, I would have dropped the letter off in person as the Dept of Transportation building was about 2.5 blocks from my hotel while I was there!!!!

I will continue to keep you all posted, but please know I have not given up yet.



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Nearly half of all Americans have nothing saved for their retirement. Don’t let this be you! Remember, the company offers a 401(k) plan to help you save money for your retirement future. This money is pretax, so whatever you contribute, you will not pay taxes on until you withdraw it from your 401(k). This is a great way to avoid going up into a higher tax bracket. Make sure you plan for your future. If you have any questions about the 401(k) please see Ryan in the office.

Complete your daily time sheets

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This is ANOTHER reminder to ALL DRIVERS, please complete your daily time sheets to the fullest. There is a chance you will not be paid proper hours or mileage if you don’t fill out your paperwork correctly. Write down your total miles, your total hours and the accurate pick and drop count. Get help from the office if you don’t fully understand how to fill out your paperwork. I am tired of having to remind everyone constantly and I’m sure you are tired of hearing about it constantly.

Load Securement!

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Overall- you all have been doing a good job with load securement.

Log trucks, remember 4 wrappers on all loads, 2 wrappers must cover all short logs.

Keep your eyes on binder position, as it will let you know if they are getting loose.

Flat beds, keep checking your straps for damaged spots- ¾” is the max size for rips, tears, defects, etc. “THAT CAUSE DOUBT AS TO THE STRENGTH OF THE TIE DOWN”

It’s easier to replace the strap before you transport a load than get caught at a scale, or roadside inspection!

All loads must be checked within 50 miles of starting transport= if you don’t log it you didn’t do it!


Be SAFE- keep it Secure!

Proud And it Shows

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This morning, after a week in Washington DC talking to politicians, coming back to work. I was missing my job, our company and playing with trucks.

I pulled up to a stop light and there were two log trucks at it. One was a filthy truck belonging to one of our competitors. (blue and yellow) It was a Monday morning and it was horribly muddy and not impressive at all.

The truck beside it was a beautiful White, brown and orange F V Martin Trucking truck. It was shinny and well kept.

I was so proud you can’t believe it.

As a reminder, if you are parking your truck in Murphy, OR, please see Joe or the shop about scheduling a wash and/or maintenance.

Thanks to you all who drive, wash and keep running, the nicest looking fleet in southern Oregon. I hope you all are proud as well.


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It is imperative to cross all of your “T’s” and dot your “I’s.” Too many time has the office staff corrected many if not ALL of your paperwork. Including, FOLDING your paperwork (there’s an example of how to fold your paperwork on the wall right where you turn it in…). For a simple task that may take you 5 minutes of consideration, may take us 30 minutes to figure out what you did on a day to day basis. Please take the time, fill out your paperwork correctly and legibly.