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Reduce Waste

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Please help reduce waste of money, fuel and clean air.

Do not leave your truck idling when not in use. It is amazing the amount of fuel that is just burned up into the ozone. Mostly, because drivers just don’t think about it.

This is your reminder. Turn off you truck when not in motion.

Troy Hutchens

Motorcyclists Are at Great Risk on Our Roadways.

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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month / Get Up to Speed on Motorcycles

Motorcyclists and motorists can work together to save lives.

To help reduce motorcycle collisions and injuries and to help save lives,

NHTSA has launched the new Get Up to Speed on Motorcycles campaign to

help motorists understand standard motorcycle driving behaviors and to learn

how to drive safely around motorcycles on our roadways.

For more great information from the Oregon Governor’s Adfisory Committee on Motorcycle Safety visit


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A few drivers have left here to go to work for TP to get their bonus for new hires.

I prefer to give the bonus to you guys for staying. If you go there you have to give up time earned for vacations and benefits. Then wait a year to get bonus.

Get on you CB and tell everyone to come to work here, write your name on their application as who referred them. For each one that comes to work for us I will give you $1,000 in six months. You keep you vacation and get the money twice as fast.

Right now, there is about $15,000 worth of spots you could fill. Be a recruiter and get the word out.

Troy Hutchens


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This is a reminder to ALL employees;

If you would like to contribute to the newsletter or even this blog, please come see Heather or Stew. We are always looking for new and exciting ideas. Would you like to sell a boat/car/motorcycle/etc.? Put it in the newsletter and or blog. It is a great way to get your voice heard.


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As the summer heat approaches, and the nicer weather is around the corner, I would like to remind EVERYONE to watch their idle time. Firstly, there is no sense in idling the truck when you walk into the driver’s room or are talking with the shop. You’re air pressure is already up and you’ve moved the truck. SHUT IT OFF! Idling one truck doesn’t use that much fuel, but remember FVMartin owns 60 trucks, which adds up. Secondly, the old ways of “burning up starters” is long gone. Thirdly, fuel prices have skyrocketed over the past two months. If we all do our part to save some money, I bet you’ll see some returns.


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$1,000.00 Reward

 We need your help in finding qualified truck drivers.

Log Truck or Flatbed

 Simply refer a class A cdl driver to apply for work;

Ask them to put your name on the application as the referral source.

When we hire them, and they stay for at least 180 days,

The company will pay the bounty to you!

 There is no limit on how many you refer or how often we pay you.

Remember you are simply referring them to apply, not vouching for their performance.

They can apply in person, or on line at our web page.

They can also call Doug- 541-826-6014


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As many of you know, we have the opportunity to monitor overspeed events, and the majority of you drivers do very well.

The picture below shows some common places we are seeing “OVERSPEED” events.

Most of them have subtle changes in speed limits for a brief distance. This could set you up for a speeding ticket that could not only disqualify you from driving for us, but could stop another company from hiring you.

Please watch the speed zones you travel through daily, and in particular the ones noted below.

If you do not see the speed limits changing and those events are still showing in E Roads, please let your supervisor and Doug know. We can address possible corrections with E Roads.

As of today, I show at least 10 of you are at risk. Neither of us can afford this.

Please pay attention and watch your speed!

Double check our work!

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Log truck drivers should double check the dispatch board in the am before leaving.

Sometime we get so many moves on the board that we text the wrong name. Please always check the board in driver’s room before leaving and if it differs from what we told you call before leaving the yard.


Log truck dispatch.