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Looking Ahead

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As most of you log haulers know, Hill Top logging went out of business last year. Hill Top was a very steady partner of ours for many years. Them leaving us hurt.

To make up for their absence this year, we have negotiated a deal with Hearst Corporation. We will provide them with several tucks starting the end of March or first part of April.

This, along with the deal we put together with Murphy, combined with or regular customers like Boise should keep us very busy.

Why tell you?  Because we WILL need your help. We can sell our company in meetings in person or on the phone but you guys must provide what we sell. We preach good safe service, with on time honest hard-working drivers. We tell everyone, we dispatch what we can deliver and be on time every day.

This is very exciting news for all of us. We need you to help bring on more gypos. Your talking out there in the environment will really help.

Shelley and I alone cannot do this. But working as a team, we can do anything.


Troy Hutchens

Out of Service- “Load Securement” 393.100A

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Recently one of our newer log truck drivers was reminded of the load securement rules for Log Trucks.

He received an “out of service” because one of the wing logs was more than 50% above the top of the stake!

This is something that should be caught at the landing. If your load is not right- ask the loader operator to please fix it! All he has to do is either twist the log so its OK or replace it with a log that will meet standards.

We ask that the senior drivers to please continue to coach and guide our new Log Truck drivers.

Learning all of the do’s and don’ts of driving a log truck takes time, experience and continual training.


You are in control of your truck and cargo

You are in charge to make certain all of your equipment is present and in good working order

You are the one that takes the responsibility and the heat for getting violations during inspections.

You are the one that has the greatest opportunity to get issues corrected.

You have a direct impact with the logger, mills, and the general public.

You establish the image for this company.

You are the “Professional”

Hand Gun

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On the evening of 2/16/2020 there was an incident on Merry Lane involving a shooting. IF, by chance you find a hand gun lying around, report it immediately! Jackson County Sheriff’s office is looking for the weapon.

Take Advantage

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The company has worked hard to come up with ideas to help all of you be at your best.

A couple of things we have done are practice stations. We made a complete set of practice (very small) tarps on a block to show people the tricks of tarping. By using this you can learn ways not to ware out tarp prematurely while also making your job a lot faster, safer and easier.

We have also invented and built a brake adjustment tower that can show you a couple different things. The more you understand what it is your doing the why seems much easier.

This station can also be use to lean better chaining techniques. This can make you safer and more productive.

I know you all think you know the best way to do it all. But maybe you could get a refresher course and learn a new trick.

If you see someone who could use it. Suggest to them or a boss, and maybe we can help them.

Keep in mind, everyone’s productivity does effect you.

FMCSA Safety

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To ALL employees:

Management has sent a request to FMCSA for an exemption to not gut wrap veneer.  We are noticing that not all flatbed drivers are following the rules to secure your load on the trailer. While in the process of requesting this exemption, we need to be more safety conscience than ever before. We need to exemplify our safety record! It looks very poorly on a company if we are trying to eliminate the need for more straps, when we cannot even strap down the minimum. Make sure you are doing EVERYTHING you can to be safe and epitomize our slogan, “SAFETY WORKS HERE.”


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Cap & Trade remains a threat to Oregon businesses and consumers. To draw attention to the destructive nature of proposed legislation, another truck convoy is headed to Salem on Feb. 6. Organized by Timber Unity, the Convoy to the Capitol will raise awareness and show a united front to lawmakers and the public.


We need everyones support, not just for this event, but to our legislators to vote down “cap and trade”

One of our employees will be on local AM talk radio at 7 am tomorrow morning. Listen if you have a chance. Call in (if your not driving)!!

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Please remember the reasons we call you a PRO (Professional Driver.)

  1. Experience, as a driver.
  2. Knowledge; retaining what you have learned and always gaining more.
  3. Safety; at all times, & in all situations you keep safety first.
  4. Attitude; Positive attitudes reflect in your driving style and working with others.
  5. Performance; doing your job well, and looking for the next load, not your last load.
  6. Dedication; commitment to your family, job and profession.

You are the core of this company, and exemplify the company to everyone you contact or drive by.