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If you are in need or want of some PLV, we are willing to help you out. PLV is like plywood but lacks structural integrity. We need to dispose of it, but want to give it to YOU!

There will a trailer full available in the yard, help yourself.


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With the summer starting to heat up, it’s time to revisit the importance of keeping well hydrated.

Heat related illness can strike even when the temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s, and can happen faster when it gets into the 90’s and 100’s.

Keep drinking plenty of fluids, like water and sports drinks (with electrolytes.)

Avoid Soda, Coffee and energy drinks, etc. They may take away the immediate thirst but wont help when you’re body starts getting dehydrated.


If you start feeling ill, weak, nauseated, dizzy, sweating a lot- or not at all? Find a safe place to stop what you’re doing and cool down, drink slowly and let your dispatch know ASAP.           Doug

New Face in ALL Places

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As you can tell by just looking around, we have a lot of new folks. First and foremost, I want to say welcome to all you newbies out there. Second, I want to thank all of our senior staff that have been helping them. I know I appreciate it and I am sure they do as well.

To all you new folks, keep in mind, my door is always open. If you can, stop by and say hi. Or if you see a problem, let’s talk it through. We really are trying to make this the very best transportation company in Southern Oregon to work for.

We hope you all have a safe and fun 4th of July holiday.




Driver’s Room

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Ok, we finally adjusted the temperature in the driver’s room. PLEASE, PLEASE keep the doors and windows shut to keep it nice and clean. FVMartin spent a lot of money to have a nice driver’s room and bathroom. Lets keep it that way!

Fourth of July

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As we come up onto Independence Day, I want to thank all of you that have served in our nation’s military. Because of you we all get to live the the best nation the world has ever known.


Importance of signalling when changing lanes

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A driver needs to give enough notification so that all vehicles present around the truck are alert of their signals. Trucks that are large need to take this point very seriously. To be safe, the driver should be sure that the lane change can occur safely. The ability to misjudge speed along with the distance of vehicles close by can lead to accidents. Some vehicles will not allow big trucks to transition into the lane ahead of them. In this scenario, drivers need to be patient and plan proactively before needing to make a turn to ensure there are in the right lane when the time calls for it.

What’s our image?

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Our public image is important, and each one of you has the opportunity to impact the public’s perception of who FV Martin Trucking is.
Remember you are a “Professional Truck Driver”. Continue to be thoughtful and courteous on the road; use the slow lane as much as you can so your not holding up traffic; plan ahead to change lanes and signal early, making sure people have a chance to let you move over and get out of your way. If you see cars sitting at a signal waiting for the light to change, prepare to stop, not blow through it.
How you act in public is a direct reflection of who you are as a Professional Driver and the company you work for.

Please continue to be the PRO and Represent yourself and FV Martin.