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ERoad Fuelings

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Once again, we are posting about fueling. Two issues that the office staff is facing.

1- Input your fuel AT the time of your fueling. If you do not, you need to call the office and we can manually input where and how many gallons you put in.

2- Do not randomly add a fueling at your current location if you forgot to add a fuel the previous day.

2- Try to fuel up at the yard as much as possible, but don’t run out of fuel either.


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FMCSA / DOT has a new Drug and Alcohol program that we will be complying with starting in January, 2020. Any positive test results will become reportable to the Federal Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse (DACH).

As long as your P is clean no worries.

You will be asked to sign a new Company D & A Policy that refers to this new program.  You will be seeing more information in the next newsletter, and you’re welcome to see Doug at any time.


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We want to remind everyone to please check BOTH your Truck and Trailer lights frequently. If they are LED lights they must be changed out if 50% or more of the lights are not working.

Believe it or not!

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This just in, hot off the press. It appears that around here a bright orange cone is a target. FV Martin Trucking and Martin Transportation Co trucks seem to be drawn to these incredible powerful things. We seem to hit everything around them.

Fact: these items are to warn you NOT to hit them or the things they are protecting.

Request: Please stay away from the Orange Cones.


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Please note our office will be closing at 4:00 pm Friday the 6th so as our office staff can prepare for our annual Christmas diner.

Please keep in mind we will still be available via cell phones, but only call in situation is a must handle now situation. Otherwise leave us a message and we will get back to you.

Have a great weekend.



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This week was a weird one with 2 strap rollers going missing.  This is not acceptable. If you do not own a strap roller, then you do not get to use or steal someone else’s without their permission (it’s called theft).  If you do not have a strap roller, they sell them at Witham’s truck stop; go see the parts counter. They are 50$.

Stew is also looking for drivers this Saturday 12-7-2019 to go up to Willamina and haul green veneer back to Medford. Let him know if you are interested.


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This week, with Doug gone on vacation, I thought it would be good to remind everyone what to do in case you’re are involved in an accident while driving a company truck.

First and foremost, make sure everyone is OK. Call 911 if injuries occurred. Make sure you put on your safety vest. This not only keeps you safer, but shows everyone we are a safe company which could come back to help us.

Inside every truck is a camera and a sheet to fill out. We need all the info we can get. This list will help you. Then call the office. Normal truck drivers get excited when involved in an accident. Rather their fault or not. Call us, we will help you through it.

Take lots of pictures. Even one of their license plate.  Some times in big cities, when the car that you hit goes to get repairs, it is a completely different car.

If no phone service is available. Fill out form, take lots of pictures and call us as soon as you get service.

Please drive safe. Help others around you.

Troy Hutchens


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(Payroll deduction. Allow 2 weeks for orders to arrive)

 Your alternative would be to shop locally!

We have a discount program for clothing and footwear at the following local retailers;

 Grange Co-Op 15% (see Doug for coupons)

 Coastal Supply = 10%

 Blackbird = 10%



I know I know!!!

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While we are slow due to loggers changing from summer jobs to winter jobs. (dirt vs. rock roads) If any of you log truck drivers want to assure yourself some work, see Stew.  He may be able to send you to Seattle or Sacramento for a 2,3 day trip.

It is difficult to find local work for several of you at the drop of a hat. However, we have customers and trucks that need attention. The company needs the revenue and the customers need the freight moved.

Our intention is to keep you all busy doing what you like to do. Some times we must juggle things to keep it working. Your help is greatly appreciated. We need our trucks full and running……

W4 Forms

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Please come to the office at your earliest convenience to pick up a Federal W4 withholding form and a State W4 withholding form. Oregon requires that you have one filled out that is separate of Federal. These forms need filled out even if you have no changes that you are making to your withholding’s.