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If nothing else, 2020 has made me as proud as ever. Proud of our companies. All of them.

The world has thrown everything at us it could: Covid 19, massive wild fires everywhere around us, severe fire danger shutting down the woods, key members of our management staff departing and the companies still roll on unphased.

I think we are better for it and will be stronger due to what we have been through.

I am proud to have each of you help us through all of this.

Thank you so much to each of you. I hope you all are as proud as I am.



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FVM has some used office chairs that we are not in need of. If you or a family member would like one. Please see Stew or Heather in the office.


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Just a friendly reminder that we are REQUIRING you to wear a mask in the office and shop. If you are not a shop employee, DO NOT ENTER the shop without a mask on. If you are not an office employee, DO NOT ENTER the office without a mask on. This is a REQUIREMENT from management, OSHA and the Governor of  Oregon. This is not a suggestion, and the request needs to be taken seriously. You will be asked to leave the shop or office if you try to enter without a mask on.

Check Engine Light

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Do not ignore check engine light! Ignoring check engine light can lead to engine de-rate (loss of power), loss of production, expensive tow bill, and expensive engine or after treatment repair. If you have a check engine light come on please let the shop know as soon as possible. Most of the late model trucks have a code reader on board that the technician can determine if it is safe to drive or if it needs to be fixed immediately.


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As I was walking the yard this morning looking for a curtain wrench, I noticed 4 trucks that were just filthy and cluttered. Whether you are slip seating a truck or it is the truck that you are driving, remember the name on the door, FV Martin Trucking Co. The company invests a lot of money into these trucks to keep us rolling, please do you part and keep your truck tidy and clean. We have lots and lots of garbage cans spread throughout the yard, please use them and dispose of unnecessary items.

Also, KEEP THE CURTAIN WRENCHES WITH THE TRAILERS!!!! Nothing is more frustrating, than scrambling to find a tool to do you job. Do not keep them in your cabs, put them in the strap box.

Weather Ready?

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Are you ready for the change in the weather?

If it does rain this week, PLEASE remember to;

Increase your following distance.

Plan ahead for stops- slow down early

Check your wipers & washer fluid

Check your defroster

Rain coat- change of clothes?


Log Truck Board

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Reminder to log truck drivers. When you look at the schedule, the time your truck is set for, is the time you should leave the yard. It’s not the time you should get to the yard. Please leave the yard at your scheduled time.

Also if you directions are incorrect please let me know so I can fix them before sending someone else to the wrong location. Thanks.


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Don’t live too much in the present. The company cares about your future. That’s why we offer a 401 and match program (up to 3.25% of your annual income!). Take the time to look into saving for your retirement. Social Security isn’t meant to be your only income during retirement. Save a little now and have much more later. See Joe to fill out a form.

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Between Southern Oregon burning, the virus, and all the protests out there. We think it is a good time to be prepared, and what better way to be prepared than updating your emergency contact list? In the event of an emergency, you’d probably want your family to know what’s going on, right? I know I would. If you need to check to see who you wrote down as your contact,  maybe change the contact people or just know that the phone number we have for them is outdated, Come to the Office, and see Brian K. (Doug’s apprentice). He is in office from 8am-5pm, and is ready to update your information.  ALSO, please remember to wear your mask!


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I know a lot of you are not working due to the hot weather. This is understandable. If you are working please do your part by being extra careful while working.

Example, do not smoke while off highway. Do not park off road on hard surface in case your truck regenerates, make sure you have no chains dragging the ground that could spark. Most of all keep your truck upright, and on the pavement.