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Truck Bids

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My Medford home is almost done and I can come home. Yahoo!!!!!  When I finally get back to the office I will be putting truck 54 and truck 76 up for bid.

We are getting our trucks filled up. Thanks to all of you who have been a part of helping with that. I will be glad to sign those $1,000 checks. A big thank you to Doug as well. A lot of work goes into finding and processing new employees.

Work Safety Month

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Please continue to be safe, watchful, and alert, when coming into and passing through work zones.

The Orange signs, barriers, other warning devices are there to alert you to the work zone ahead.

This is not only for the protection of those working in the zone, but to warn you of what’s ahead.

Keep it slow, watch out for other drivers not paying attention.  Be ready to react if something goes wrong.

Please remember to be the example and drive like a PRO!

Here is a Reminder about fire extinguishers!

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Aside from complying with regulations, having a working fire extinguisher can save someone’s life, and or property. This includes being able to minimize the amount of damage a fire can cause to the truck you drive every day.

Every truck has a fire extinguisher. According to DOT, drivers are required to check their fire extinguisher during both the Pre-Trip and Post trip inspections each day it goes into service.

In the last 2 days we found 2 that were not functional. One had the safety pin and tie in place, but had still leaked down. The other appears to have been briefly used, but not written up to be replaced.

Please remember to do a complete vehicle inspection twice a day, EVERY DAY.

If you use it REPORT it, so it can be replaced before you or someone else drives away in that truck.


Automatic Slack Adjusters

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For equipment with automatic slack adjusters, a good way to keep your brakes in adjustment is to give three full applications of the brake while sitting at a stop light one time daily. The automatic slack adjusters measure pushrod travel and only adjust when needed.


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I want to thank all of our employees for helping us get through this Covid 19. This is a strain on the company as well as all of you. We will get through this together.

I believe this should be the worst week we have. Hopefully as the governors in the nation start to free up work, people will start to order plywood again.

In my opinion the economy will take off like a wild fire after things start to release and we won’t be able to keep up.   Hold on……

Performance Update

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First of all, I want to thank all of our employees for keeping our losses LOW!

People are not running into “stationary” or “moving” objects.

We have had a couple of mishaps since January, but only one is attributed to driver error.

Please keep “Driving like a PRO”

Pay attention, because you are likely the only one on the road that is!

Our Year to date losses are about $45 K, with $42 K of that when 86 caught fire in the yard.

This means a lot to the company as a whole, and if we can keep this up will save us a substantial amount when we renew our fleet insurance.

As you have seen, the company is not afraid to share our success with our employees, ie: the recent raise.

Remember “You are a PRO” Keep up the good work!

Ashland POE

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OTA is hosting another event to thank our hard-working drivers who are on the front lines risking their lives to deliver essentials.

We’ll be handing out box lunches, water, and face masks to truck drivers!

Where: Ashland Port of Entry (Oregon)When: Wednesday, May 6, 2020 10:30am-1:00pm PDT (or until supplies run out)


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Please remember that this week will be a little abnormal for the things that we normally do. Dispatch is working their best to keep everyone moving, it just may be a little different than your usual. We may go into new places and see new faces. So, please do your part and keep a smile on your face and if possible call ahead to new pickup and delivery locations. Be smart and ask questions if you are unsure. Let’s kick it!