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Personal Time Off request forms

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If you have a day that you would like to request to take off and use PTO (personal time off), please come to the office and get a request form and turn it into your supervisor. We have too many employees to keep track of requests via emails or texts. A reminder text or call to your supervisor is greatly appreciated when your scheduled time off is getting closer. Everyone has busy schedules and it is hard to remember when 90 employees are taking time off.

Brake Demo Stand

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The assembly of the Brake Demo Stand is complete and ready for use. Come by the shop check it out. Points of interest include 2 different types of Automatic Slack Adjusters. We have included Hub pilot wheels on one side and ball seat or bud wheels on the other to assist in learning the difference. One of the tires is half flat to simulate a low or flat tire. We will be providing a set of three rail and a set of single tire chains to assist in teaching how to install tire chains.

Expressway and Hwy 99

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When approached by Oregon State with the idea to put in the Medford Expressway, the original thought was to save 7 minutes per truck from White City to Medford, and return. While FVM runs 7 trucks days and nights on local, I thought this was a wonderful idea that could save the company hours per week, and potentially get more loads done for Boise Cascade.

Unfortunately, we cannot submit accurate information to the state to see if it is working due to only two-thirds of the company using the expressway. We have a designated route in place to save the most time per trip. WE HAVE TO USE IT. Furthermore, we are attempting to limit the hard turns on our 53′ trailers. Thus, please use the expressway to Hwy 62 to Sage road while running into town (the same for the return trip). We need to stay off of Hwy 99 at all costs to limit our long trailers twisting and turning. When your name is the door of the truck, take whichever route you please. Until then, use the designated route.


Company Help

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Shelley, Stew and I are always looking for help. Sometimes even in the middle of the bust season summer and fall, we get a day or two that a lot of our loggers are moving or broke down.
When this happens, we like to have a list of those ok with driving a flatbed for a day or two to keep more trucks rolling. We do understand that if you are a log truck driver daily, that is because that is your preference.
But if you do it anyway, we will get you back in your log truck asap and put you on our list as preferred driver to drive the flatbeds when times are slow in the logging side of the business.
If this interest you see one of us.

Fuel Entries

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Please remember to input your fuel into ERoad, AT THE TIME OF FUELING. This will save Heather a couple hours of reports every week. This is a part of the job, so please do you part.

School Starting

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Just a reminder that school started this week and school buses are running. Be aware of school bus stops, children waiting for the bus and at the end of the day, children getting off the bus. Remember that when on a two lane road, both lanes have to stop for a school bus. On multiple lanes all lanes each direction must stop, and when on a divided highway,( must have a median or divider, or a physical barrier) the side with bus must stop and the other side can proceed but with caution. As an example, Table Rock Road or Hwy 62 there is no physical barrier and all lanes must stop for a school bus with flashing lights.

Finish your daily time sheets

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This is another friendly reminder from the payroll department, please complete your daily time sheets to get paid properly. This could be putting accurate mileage on your sheet, or your total hours or even picks and drops. If it isn’t completed properly, there is always a chance that you are not paid properly. Please also make sure to turn your daily time sheets into the box in a timely manner. If there is a delay in getting your paperwork, there is always a chance those days don’t make it onto your check for that time period. If you need help with your paperwork, or a reminder on how to fill them out, please come see your dispatcher and get a refresher on how to fill out your daily time sheet.

Thank you

Take advantage of our help.

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As you all know when need a few more drivers. We also pay employees $1,000 for each driver they get to come to work for us and stay at least 180 days.
Well, to help you recruit we have added a new ploy. We now have a parking yard in Murphy. If you have a driver that lives in the Grants Pass area, tell them to come work for us. Put your name on the application and they don’t have to drive all the way to White City every day.
New opportunities for you to make more money.

Troy Hutchens

Good Work!

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I just wanted to give a big shout out to two drivers from last week. In 6 days, both of them covered over 3200 miles, and were on time for every pickup and delivery. Thank you Johnny-on-the spot! Way to kill it.