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Spotlight in the Newsletter

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With so many new faces here at F.V. Martin Trucking in the last few years, we want to give everyone the opportunity to formally introduce yourself to the rest of the employees by giving a little background on yourself for the company newsletter. Come in and see Heather and give a little personal information about yourself. Give everyone else the opportunity to put a face to the name, with some history about you. This could be why you do what you do for a living, a unique talent you have, a passion that drives you or just some helpful advice for your fellow coworkers. We would like to cover a different employee each Newsletter, so we are open to office staff, shop and drivers.

Wrappers Hangin’!

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Please stop and check your wrappers a few times during your trip.  With the amount of small logs we haul these days, the load settles much more than the larger logs.  It may be necessary to check them 2-3 times on the way to mill.

A truck looks safer (and is) if all wrappers are good and snug.  We have had weigh masters and others call into the office and tell us a truck is running down a highway with loose wrappers.

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Dear Truck Drivers…we appreciate you!

Posted by Josh Pray on Wednesday, September 12, 2018




Safety Blog

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Sept 12- Safety Blog…

The Safety Committee is searching for a volunteer from the Local and Highway Divisions to participate with the Safety Committee. The Safety Committee meets twice per quarter and representatives discuss safety issues or concerns within their respective divisions and the company as a whole. Volunteer membership is only 1 year.

We need your participation to improve the safety for everyone at FV Martin. Please talk to your supervisor if you are interested.


Thank You

New Password

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Password Change up!

Recently we had a “password” change on our schedule board. The reason for this is for the safety of our customers.

We post our customers (loggers) job site directions on our webpage. We do this so only our employees and owner operators that we favor to be able to read them.

This keeps environmental morons from being able to see where all the jobs are.

Please keep these to yourself.

Eroad Fuel Entries

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It is your job to enter ALL gallons of fuel that you use into the ERoad unit.  There is a difference between being lazy and never entering them or forgetting to input the numbers once in a while.  The entry needs to be made right after the fueling session.  The Eroad reporting uses satellite GPS to recognize where you are fueling and what time.  If you forge and enter at a later date, the recording is inaccurate.  Please try your hardest to remember to put in ALL GALLONS.  If you do not know how, come to the office so we can show you.

Updating employee files

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We are in the process of updating our Personal Employee Files and need EVERY employee to come in and fill out the updated form. In our updating process, we are also going to be adding a photo of each employee to their electronic files. Please come in and fill out your form and have your photo taken with Heather between the hours of 6 am and 3 pm. If you can’t make those hours, let Heather know and we will make other accommodations.


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Keep in mind. Company policy is for all drivers to wear ankle supportive footwear.

Boise Cascade requires steel toed boots on anyone outside the truck while on their property.

It is YOUR responsibility to meet these requirements.