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Donations Needed

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FV Martin Trucking Co. is gathering clothing to be donated to victims of the camp fire in Northern California.

If you have any new or slightly used clean clothing you wish to donate, please drop off in drop box in driver’s room or stop by the office during office hours.

All donations need to be dropped off by this Thursday at noon to meet the shuttle transporting the items.


Paper work and EROAD just part of your job

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Doing ALL your paper work is part of your job. This includes putting fuel entry in at the time of fueling.  This is important because it records where you are and our bills must match, or you are cheating on your log book. Example, you fuel at Red Bluff but forget to enter, Then you remember and show fuel entry at Hilt. Your book is not going to match our fuel bill.

It is also very important to remember to change your configuration when it changes. To many of you just figure someone can fix it later. This is true. We can. However, those people have their own job to do and should not have to be doing yours.

Also, if you have not done it yet, please see Heather for updated files we are still working to complete.

Trusted Carrier ?

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As of this month FV Martin is 6 points away from being able to request “Trusted Carrier” designation.

HOWEVER, Since July we have had 5 out of service violations that should have been avoided. 2 related to brakes or wheels, 2 for Load Securement, 1 for a flat/low tire.

Overall everyone is doing a great job. We simply need to turn up the effort more.

It’s up to you- you are the PRO!

Unexpected Slow Down

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Some of you may have noticed a sudden “unexpected” slowdown in the work load. Most mills in our area have suddenly filled up with logs.

The plywood market is suddenly down. It should be just a short-term deal.

For all you that want to work as much as possible, you should keep in contact with Stew in the Flatbed division, as he can sometimes pull a rabbit out of his hat.

Boise had us lined out with a big job starting in November. However, due to the market, they have moved the start date to January 2019.

We will continue to look for stuff to keep EVERYONE busy, but with the mud and the mills full it could be tough for a few weeks.

School Zones/School Buses

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Please make sure to watch out for school buses and children during the school’s schedules. There have been multiple incidents involving children while around or near school buses. Please keep a close eye and drive defensively around school buses and children. Slow down and be the professional.

Fuel System update

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I wanted to thank everyone for trying your hardest to follow our temporary fueling instructions. With the exception of an occasional forgetfulness on entering into the EROAD system, almost all fuelings are being documented properly. Unfortunately, we have a few more weeks of needing to continue these steps. Please remember to continue writing your fuel on the board outside and documenting in EROAD. The EROAD step is EXTREMELY important, it keeps us accurate on our IFTA taxing as well.


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First Aid / CPR ????

From time to time any one of us can be in a place where someone needs medical help, and there may not be any close by.  Now you are the one someone will look to for help. Whether it’s family, friends, neighbor, or anyone else

How many of you would be interested in attending a FA/CPR class put on here at the company office?

Please let your supervisor, Doug or Heather, know if you would be interested. Once we can get 10 people committed we will try and get a class set up as soon as possible.


Thank You

Fire Season

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U.S. Forest Service- Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest

Concurrent with the Oregon Department of Forestry’s declaration of fire season officially ending today, the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest’s fire danger has been reduced to low.

This year, the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest suppressed 84 fires totaling 222,513 acres and hosted 40 Incident Management Teams in cooperation with the Umpqua National Forest, the Klamath National Forest, the Medford District Bureau of Land Management and the Oregon Department of Forestry. The Medford Air Tanker Base pumped a total of 1.45 million gallons of retardant delivered in 423 separate missions.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience as we wind down a very long fire year. We have some remaining necessary tasks, including fire suppression repair, road work, and wrapping up finances. As such…I also want to thank every firefighter and their families for all of their hard work in keeping our communities safe this year. ” said Forest Supervisor Merv George, Jr.