By January 23, 2019Blog Posts

A few days ago there was a notice on the bulletin board about characteristics of a Professional Driver.

I would like to reinforce the following;

Safe: The professional driver pays attention to every aspect of their job; loading and unloading, driving, getting in and out of their truck, (using 3 points of contact.) Performing a thorough pre-trip and writing up issues to ensure they have a safe unit to work with.

Courteous: Polite to customers, co-workers, management, and the public in general. IS Not an aggressive or angry driver.

Thoughtful: Disposes trash, bark, wood, or other debris in the proper place, container. Not on the side of the road. Uses appropriate location to relieve themselves (not in the road!) Shows up to work on time, and is not late for appointments.

Honest: Everyone makes a mistake once in a while. The professional driver takes ownership for those errors and strives to correct them. Does not place blame on someone else. Is truthful when working with clients and co-workers alike. Does not spread rumors or gossip.