5 must-have truck driver skills

By March 2, 2020Blog Posts

Truck driving takes a lot of talent and ability, and it involves more than just turning the key and hitting the gas—there are many skills that are needed to be a successful truck driver.

Driver recruiters at Schneider pooled their experiences to determine the top truck driver skills they find successful drivers possess.

5 must-have truck driver skills

1. Good communication

A lot can happen while a driver is over-the-road that doesn’t fit into the day’s original plans. Whether it be heavy traffic, weather, change in assignment or delivery issues at a customer, a driver needs to keep all parties informed of any changes.

Not communicating with a manager, customer or planner can lead to missed loads, loss of miles and delays in freight. If a driver keeps all lines of communication open, he/she will be successful.

2. Organization

Hours of service, logging miles, trailer numbers, addresses, fuel expenses; these are just some of the things a driver must keep track of in a typical day. Without organizational skills, many things can be impacted, including paychecks. Keep organized and keep moving!

3. Motivation

As with any other career, motivation is key. Looking forward to your job every day will create a positive work environment and will lead to successful results. Wake up with a good attitude and good results will follow.

4. Responsibility

Drivers are given many tasks and are expected to be responsible while over-the-road. A responsible driver is a safe driver, and safety is Schneider’s number-one core value.

5. Strong navigation skills

Advancements in technology and GPS have made driving more efficient, but a driver should still have a strong set of navigation skills. The ability to read a map, understand road signs and read a compass are key to being successful.

Skills may differ from driver to driver

These are just some of the many skills is takes to be a great truck driver. Depending on what type of truck driver you are and what company you haul freight for, other skills may be necessary to adequately complete the job.