A couple reminders as we begin the week and month of October.

By October 3, 2022Blog Posts

Please remember to check oil and water during pretrip inspections. We have had a few different drivers admit lately that they check their oil and not their water during pretrip. Please check both oil AND water.

Keep a close on in neighborhoods including Merry Lane for school age children walking around. There are more pedestrians including small children walking around now than they last few months.

Thump your tires during pretrip, post trip and during load checks. A few drivers rarely have any need to have tires fixed on the road. Why? Because they check their tires early and often. Then they are left stranded.

No Jake Brakes on Merry Ln. There is no need on this flat road. All it does is upset the neighbors.

If you are wanting time off, please come into the office and get a time off request sheet. Then turn it into your supervisor.


Thank you!