By November 25, 2019Blog Posts

This week, with Doug gone on vacation, I thought it would be good to remind everyone what to do in case you’re are involved in an accident while driving a company truck.

First and foremost, make sure everyone is OK. Call 911 if injuries occurred. Make sure you put on your safety vest. This not only keeps you safer, but shows everyone we are a safe company which could come back to help us.

Inside every truck is a camera and a sheet to fill out. We need all the info we can get. This list will help you. Then call the office. Normal truck drivers get excited when involved in an accident. Rather their fault or not. Call us, we will help you through it.

Take lots of pictures. Even one of their license plate.  Some times in big cities, when the car that you hit goes to get repairs, it is a completely different car.

If no phone service is available. Fill out form, take lots of pictures and call us as soon as you get service.

Please drive safe. Help others around you.

Troy Hutchens