Another year coming to an end

By December 21, 2022Blog Posts

As we close out the seventh year since I took over majority ownership, I have a lot to be thankful for.

2022 was a good year for F.V. Martin Trucking Co.


Joe Fisher retired and the folks taking over his duties have stepped up very nicely.

We bought 5 trucks and several trailers. That equals nicer equipment for you all to drive and or work on.

Ryan has enough experience under his belt and is dispatching naturally with less stress.

We were able to get back on Great West Insurance with new, fresh out of school drivers. This is a big deal. We must earn the right to keep it.

As I type this, Stew is in Springfield meeting with RFP in regards to our veneer haul and another venture with them we may dabble in. He has been working hard with the folks at Murphy to haul more of their local veneer as well.

Ryan and I are also working with the Murphy folks on another partnership we are not ready to announce yet. It could be a great project for both companies.

Murphy is a well ran company that I believe will be around for the long term and we will partner with them to help them.

F.V. Martin Trucking Co. loves working with Boise Cascade, Murphy Veneer and Roseburg Forest Products. We need you all to do your part to show them we are the best and they should want to use us all they can. That is our future. Our future looks bright. Tell your friends to come work at the best transportation company in Southern Oregon. We need all the help we can get.