By October 24, 2023Blog Posts

Winter is coming and with it are bad road conditions. Some of you are new to this. We all know how it feels. We don’t have a driver that drives for us that didn’t have their own first time in the snow with a big truck.

I urge you to ask questions. Perhaps even practice on our chain up learning station we built. This is why we built it. Ask another driver, your supervisor or a shop employee to help you learn here in a clear spot rather than on the side of the road in a whiteout.

I still remember my first time. I was hauling chips from Molalla to Albany. In route it stated raining pure rain that froze the second it hit anything. I stopped on top of south Salem hill and opened the door of my cabover and bailed out. Telling myself it was time to learn, I hit the road and immediately fell on my butt. It was slick with a capital ICK. I figured it out, but I can tell you that I wish I had practiced before I was in that situation.

Good luck to all and be careful.