Big Announcement

By June 2, 2020Blog Posts

June 2, 2020

To All Employees,

For the last several weeks, everyone here at all 3 Martin Companies (F.V. Martin Trucking Co., Martin Transportation Company, and American Freight Inc.) have come to work and performed their job without hesitation throughout this pandemic.

We believe this goes to show the type of employees we have and the community citizens you are. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you and show our appreciation.

To do this, we have chosen a method which may help the majority of you the best way we can.
If you fit the guidelines we set fourth, we want to give you $1,000 hazard pay for going the extra mile.
This hazard pay money, and your 10th paycheck will be paid on the 8th of June. We must fit payroll within the 8-week period the government set for our Payment Protection Program loan.

Please keep in mind this will make a long period between 6/8/20 and 6/25/20, so use it wisely.

Thank you again for your hard work. You make me proud and honored to do this.

Troy Hutchens