Bitch and Complain!!!!!

By October 8, 2019Blog Posts

You know sometimes you feel like the company or customer has done you wrong? You want to voice your opinion or vent, so to speak. Complain about the job or haul you are on or maybe the truck you are in.

Please keep in mind, not everyone feels that way.

It has been brought to our attention a few times in the last couple weeks by customers and coworkers that they are tired of hearing a couple of our drivers bitching and whining about little things.

I will explain this again. YOU DRIVERS are our advertising agency. The reason we stay busy and you work is because our customers love us. They love our dispatch. They love our drivers.  They love our business ethics.

They hate hearing you bad mouth their jobs their mills and their friends in our dispatch office.

I understand freedom of speech. I agree with it. That is why my phone rings 24 hours a day 7 days a week. My office door is also always open. You want to vent, come talk to me. Call me. I don’t have a problem telling you why we are doing something.

My cell phone number is posted in the driver’s room.