Brake Adjustments

By September 17, 2019Blog Posts

Brake quality, and brake parts in good condition are essential to safe driving and ensuring you have the best chance to avoid an accident, or can at least slow down enough to minimize injury or damages.

Drivers have the final authority to put a truck in service or not, depending on safety issues identified during daily Pre & Post trip inspections.
Make sure you have good brake system components, and report any issues or concerns-When you Find Them!

Every season has its own issues when it comes to having adequate brakes to stop.
Spring, Weather is continually changing the driving conditions
Summer, things are hot, dry and the roads are packed with travelers.
Fall, cooler and wetter, stopping distances become greater.
Winter, Rain, Snow, or Ice, Don’t over drive the road conditions, as stopping distance is increased.

Make sure you are driving like a “Professional”. Anticipate, plan ahead, adjust following distances, maintain speed control.