Cab Books and New Registration

By December 26, 2023Blog Posts

As some of you may notice the next time you hop in the truck, the cab book will be sitting on the seat and not in it’s normal spot. Stew did this on purpose so that you know where to find a safe place for it, AND to double check to make sure the following important items are in the book.

– Cab Card

– Insurance Certificate

– Accident Kit

– UCR (Unified Carrier Registration)

– IFTA Credentials (Will not apply for Oregon only trucks | Commercially registered)

– Permits. 4 Highway permits and if your log truck is a quick change log truck to flatbed. If it’s a straight log truck, there will only be the extended weight permit.

– Log trailer registration

– Paper Log Book

If you are missing any of the above information in the cab book, please see management so we can fix the issue.