Cameras coming!

By March 29, 2023Blog Posts

Due to the rising cost of truck insurance, we must do everything we can to:

1.) Reduce our claims.     2.) Reduce the cost of our claims.

We ask all of you to do everything you can to avoid accidents which will reduce our cost. So far, a better year this year. Keep up the safe work.

According to the insurance provider, the best way to reduce the cost of claims is to put cameras in each truck, whether we are at fault or not. Cameras take the expense of investigating out of each accident or incident. So, I have negotiated a deal with Samsara to install FORWARD looking cameras only in our trucks. I am not letting them put cameras facing the driver onboard.

Apparently, this is VERY important to the underwriters in the insurance business. We must show them we are doing everything we can to keep our cost down. They say we will save more than the cost of having them over time.

Please know that these will protect you as well as the company. Remember, safety works here.