Safety 2-22-2019

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I have recently observed several employees getting into and out of the cab of their truck WITHOUT USING 3 POINTS OF CONTACT!

PLEASE pay attention and face the cab whenever you are getting into your ruck or getting out.

This allows you to have a good handhold in the event your feet slip off the steps.

Consider if you are getting out, and are facing out, you are extremely vulnerable to falling from your truck, face down on the ground. ?

When you fall forward your hands may end up behind you, so now you may not be able to protect your face from hitting the ground!

Common injuries, from a fall like this are; Hand, Arm, Shoulder, Back, Knees or Head.

Please use 3 points of contact ALL OF THE TIME! Be Safe- Be the Pro


Our truck bid Blog post!

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Our first truck bid on the Blog went very well. Right now, I have three trucks that will be awarded as soon as the driver can move in.

Truck #102 will go to Jon McCoy

Truck # 54 will go to Dave Ballestin

Truck #71 will go to James Debruler


Soon, I will have truck’s #86-#22 and Truck #89 (as a dual purpose Short and Long)

I am not ready to give those out yet so keep your eyes on the Blog for updates.

Number 3 of 7

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As Professional drivers there are several things you need to do every day while driving.  Here is the third of 7

#3 Maintain ONE lane;

Staying in your lane, with the exception of passing or positioning yourself for a turn, helps not only you but other drivers. Of course there are times when you need to pass or change lanes to effect a turn. Maintaining your lane is critical especially if someone else is trying to pass.

Be alert and drive safely.