By January 11, 2021Blog Posts

Since I bought Floyd out in 2016, our biggest problem has been recruiting new truck drivers.

Well, we have a big new contract starting this spring. Should play out to be multi-year deal.

As you know we have a $1,000 bonus for those who refer a driver and we hire them and they stay for at least 180 days.

I want to up the ante. Here is the 2021 deal.

You bring on 1 driver $1,000 bonus.

You bring on 5 drivers (in 12 months) I’ll pay for 3 nights in Vegas with air fare for 2. Somewhere to spend that five thousand dollars!!

You bring on 10 drivers (in 12 months) I’ll pay for airfare and hotel for two in Cabo San Lucas and give you a week extra paid vacation!

We currently need 7 log truck drivers with new trucks being prepared. And 12 veneer haulers. Mostly night shift.

Tell everyone. Tell your children, your mother-in-law. Heck, tell your Priest! Spread the word. Have them reference you on their application.