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Good Morning Dr. Wilson,

It has been my understanding that Chantix, was not an approved smoking cessation medication, per DOT regulations?

Is that still true, even if the prescribing doctor stipulates the patient is not experiencing negative side effects?



Federal motor carrier advisory recommends to avoid Chantix due to side effects.  Although they do not specify the drug name directly, they recommend the treating physician be aware of the side effects and if present, driver should not drive.  If the driver does not have side effects and has a note from his treating provider stating that there are no side effects and are safe to drive,  Then I believe the medication can be used while driving

There are some people that do have side effects including:  anxiety, nervousness and a panic sensation rarely can cause suicidal ideation.  In my experience, I have not seen any side effects on the patient’s that I treated

The meloxicam is a long-acting anti-inflammatory, there is no restrictions other than the general medication restriction

The general medication restriction states that any medication that causes adverse side effects should not be used while driving

Hopefully, this is helpful

Timothy Wilson, M.D.”