Company Pride

By August 9, 2023Blog Posts

As You should have heard by now. We are working on a program to make you all proud to work here at the martin companies.

We have started selling off the old trucks and replacing them with newer, sharp looking trucks with a little more horse power. Helping you pass our competition going up the hills.

We are cleaning up yard. Put in sprinklers. Bark dust and decorative plants are coming.

My question to you all is:  What do you think we can do to make you proud to work here. I am not looking for 100 notes that say higher pay. Besides that, what can we do to help in this arena?

We want you all to be proud to say you work here. When you drive by the yard with guest from out of town. You can point and proudly say “I work there”

Put your idea on a note and drop in paperwork box or take your idea to you supervisor.