By June 1, 2023Blog Posts

I know that we have had some new faces join the crew since we have implemented the EROAD ELD, but we need to remind everyone just how important it is for you to set your configuration, or check it as part of your pre-trip inspection. I’m sure that our driver’s did not know that FVM and Martin Transportation were audited for weight mileage reports. FVM had a great report except for one truck which registered at 46,000#’s for 7 months. The office staff will now have to amend the weight mileage tax, which will charge us an extra fee to amend those miles that were never reported correctly. Bummer! So, help us out and check your configuration to make sure that it is set properly before you start rolling down the road. If you are unsure of how to do this:

– Go to the “Vehicle Section” of ERoad

– Click on “Config”

– Set Configuration to the appropriate weight. (Bobtail = 46,000, Semi = 80,000, Maxi = 105,500, Short logger = 84,000)

Call your dispatchers if you are still unsure of how to set your configuration.