Cool Trucking Facts

By July 28, 2022Blog Posts
  • The trucking industry pays an estimated 21.4 billion dollars to operate on American roadways per year.
  • United States Department of Transportation estimates that over 500,000 truck accidents occur every year.
  • Truckers fuel their trucks with 12.8% of all the fuel purchased in America.
  • Approximately 192,000 big rigs are sold in America every year.
  •  Semi-trucks drive a combined average of over 140 billion miles a year on American roadways.
  • A semi traveling 65 Miles Per Hour (MPH) needs 525 feet to come to a complete stop. That is the distance of three football fields.
  • More than 37 billion gallons of diesel fuel is used to move America’s freight each year.
  • Many over-the-road professional truck drivers drive over 3 million miles during their lifetime.
  • The first licensed woman driver was named Luella Bates. Luella received her license in 1918.
  • In 2018, for every doctor in America, there were almost three truck drivers.
  • The longest ramp jump with a semi-truck was July 24, 2015. Greg Godfrey jumped 160 feet with a semi-truck.
  • The first song to be written about truck drivers was back in 1939. The song was entitled, “Truck Driver’s Blues” and recorded by Cliff Bruner and His Boys.