Couple of Things:

By October 4, 2022Blog Posts

FVM is currently investigating the status of the straps on flatbeds. Do us a favor and check all of your straps to see if any are frayed, brittle, or short. If they need replacing, see Stew in the office, and we can get you new flat hook or sewn loop straps.

Then, this is a reminder to all of our employees that it is against company policy to CUT your straps to length. One, there will be that one time that Stew sends you for a tall load of lumber or dry veneer, and guess what, “STRAPS ARE TOO SHORT!” This is infuriating for everyone. We equip our flatbeds to haul a mass majority of things, and you need to be prepared for it.

Plain ans simple, don’t cut your straps.

Lastly, we know the last few weeks have been out of the normal, and we want to thank everyone for your patience and flexibility. We know this over night stuff is out of the normal, but thank you for your help. RFP Weed should be producing veneer next week. Ya! On a side note, lets talk about your phone GPS system. This is a handy tool, but not the best answer for everything. These are designed for your personal vehicles, NOT TRUCKS. If you are traveling out of the normal, please use the map feature to find the best roads to and from shipper and receiver.