Days off

By June 13, 2023Blog Posts

Calling in sick or taking a day off probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to you. It can be to us. If it is a prearranged day that is necessary to take care of business, we get that once in a blue moon. We can usually work around it. When it happens a lot, it hurts the business.

Let me explain.

If you are a log truck on a one truck job and we can’t replace you. That is 100% of the logger’s production for the day. 20% for the week. That doesn’t help building relationships between logger and us. The bigger the job is the less it hurts, but it still does.

Same for chip haulers. RFP is shutting off owner operators to keep us busy, when we have one call in sick, that is 50% of the fleet we offered them. That is a growing partnership, and it really hurts.

We know people get sick. Just keep it mindful of how you are needed and try your best to be here. Your best ability is availability.