Dear Flatbeds,

By December 28, 2021Blog Posts

We just would like to remind all of our flatbedders that blowback on green veneer is NOT a good thing, and we need to do our part to eliminate it. It is your responsibility to secure your load and make sure it arrives to it’s destination just like it was put on your truck. Make sure to put your straps within 6 inches to the front of the stack of the veneer. If you cannot do this because of the winch placements, you may need to add a T-Bar to the top of the veneer. It’s simple really. It’s just two pieces of dunnage placed perpendicular to each other, and you place the dunnage on the front stack, then throw your strap over the parallel piece. It keeps the veneer from folding back over your straps. Do better and be the best!