Deep Thought

By October 26, 2023Blog Posts

I just wanted to pass on an experience my wife and I had recently while traveling. Sheri and I had some stuff we needed to take care of in our Las Vegas home.  So, we threw together an overnight bag and hoped on a plane. It was a nice day so we each had a few beers in the airport lounge. We boarded just like normal. Drank a couple more beers on the smooth 127-minute flight. Landed in Las Vegas and deplaned. As we walked through the airport we know well, about 20 feet ahead of us a gentleman suddenly fell down. In a flash, a women ripped his shirt open, cleared his throat and started doing CPR on the man in the middle of the D concourse. Next thing I knew they were shocking him. To shorten the story. The guy didn’t make it.

Two things I took from this incident. 1.) Hug and tell your loved ones what they mean to you often. You never know how long this will last. 2.) Take advantage of the first aid classes we offer. It may be your loved one that’s needs the sudden help. It may be up to you to save them.

It certainly ruined our quick trip to Sin City.