Do you know anyone?

By June 28, 2022Blog Posts

I was reading an article last night about the trucking industry and the trucking market. It was quite concerning. The article predicts a “Great Purge” (as they call it), of smaller trucking companies and brokerages similar to recent recession. It certainly is a possibility with this fragile market. The cost of fuel is ridiculous, insurance premiums are higher, and the spot bid market for owner operators has sunk to lower rates than it was 6 months ago.

With this uncertainty, some owner operators are already searching for dedicated routes and lease on opportunities.  FV Martin and Martin Transportation offer both of those things, and we are prepared for the future. What we are asking our employees is, “Do you know any owner operators feeling this pressure?” Have you though about asking them to join our fleet as a leaser to MTrans or a company driver for FVM?  We are still looking for about 10 experienced log truck drivers, and have very steady dedicated work. Keep being our best advertisement for us, and remember that there is a 1000$ reward for your efforts in grasp.