Driver’s room

By January 15, 2019Blog Posts

For a few years now, we have offered coffee in the driver’s room. Is it being used? Is it wanted? With the help from several shop and office employees we have been trying to keep coffee, sugar and creamer in stock at all times. Sometimes it goes unnoticed that the coffee is empty and needs to be refilled. If you notice that we are out of anything in the driver’s room, let someone in the office know and it will be refilled. Same goes with paperclips. If we are LOW or COMPLETELY OUT of paperclips, please let the office know. It is a nuisance when paperwork is put together with anything other than paperclips. An few examples of what has been used in place of a paperclip that WE as a company offer to you: glue, staples, tape, rubber bands, sticky part of the sticky note or just tossed in the box with nothing holding it together. Say something, so something can be done about it.