Efficiency vs. Speed

By November 9, 2020Blog Posts

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been multiple accidents that could have been avoided. FVM wants to remind ALL of you to slow down.  Including ourselves, we get impatient and are rushing everywhere. We cannot get complacent and forget that you are operating large, expensive machinery. You do not stop well, you do not accelerate well, and you certainly do not turn well. So, take a deep breath, slow down and try to be more efficient with your time instead of a hurry.

For example, the “Old-Timer’s” have learned to only walk around their truck once to tie down a load, because they are efficient and have a routine. The new drivers may be running around and tiring themselves out, but look really busy, yet not accomplishing much. Slow down and take your time to do things correct the 1st time, because we all do not like to do things twice.