Emissions 2024 Update

By January 31, 2024Blog Posts

Just a quick update for the 2024 emission standard that we now have to follow along with being CARB (California Air Resource Board) compliant.

FVM has just purchased the software necessary for the 2024 California “Clean Truck Check.” No matter how you may feel about California, there is a lot of work in California, so we have to play nice. Every quarter, the California legal trucks must pass and be certified. So, we will need to rely on you drivers to make sure your equipment is up to date and passed inspection. You will also need to have the certification with you in the truck. I’m not sure when this will be enforced as much of the enforcement is in the Southern California region at this moment.

Oregon seems to be the next state to follow these specific guidelines.

So, please be patient as we transition into a training and follow up period.