By January 25, 2017Blog Posts

It appears we have a new-found epidemic spreading throughout this year at FV Martin Trucking; getting stuck in the snow on mountain passes. Along with this, we have had many broken or lost chains. No pun intended, but they may be linked.

It also appears that drivers are not taking the time nor the responsibility to keep chains tight on the tires. This causes chains to break, thus a failure in functionality.  Chains continually loosen and move. Therefor, it is the DRIVER’S responsibility to keep tightening, use bungee cords (lots of them), and TIGHTEN OFTEN.

This year, unlike previous years, we have had to send multiple tow trucks to gets FV Martin trucks moving on snow covered passes. This has not happened in my tenure before. It is very expensive when we do not chain up in time or in the proper fashion.