Expressway and Hwy 99

By September 4, 2019Blog Posts

When approached by Oregon State with the idea to put in the Medford Expressway, the original thought was to save 7 minutes per truck from White City to Medford, and return. While FVM runs 7 trucks days and nights on local, I thought this was a wonderful idea that could save the company hours per week, and potentially get more loads done for Boise Cascade.

Unfortunately, we cannot submit accurate information to the state to see if it is working due to only two-thirds of the company using the expressway. We have a designated route in place to save the most time per trip. WE HAVE TO USE IT. Furthermore, we are attempting to limit the hard turns on our 53′ trailers. Thus, please use the expressway to Hwy 62 to Sage road while running into town (the same for the return trip). We need to stay off of Hwy 99 at all costs to limit our long trailers twisting and turning. When your name is the door of the truck, take whichever route you please. Until then, use the designated route.