Fuel Island

By October 26, 2018Blog Posts

As you all have noticed, the fuel system is not running properly. We have put out notices requesting every fueling to be documented TWICE. Once on your daily time sheet and then on the paper at the fuel island. Then you are REQUIRED, not given the option, to input your fueling into the EROAD unit. After several days of asking you guys for this help to keep our fuel recording accurate, there are still so many not following those 3 simple steps. If you don’t follow the steps we are asking of you, we can’t get an accurate count of fuel we have on hand. Please help us out. DO YOUR PART!

  1. Write your fuel on the sheet at the fuel island ( if pencil is dull, come sharpen it)
  2. Write your fuel on your daily time sheet
  3. Input your fuel in the EROAD unit (if you don’t know how, come ask)