Future wage hikes up in smoke?

By September 11, 2023Blog Posts

Every time I walk by one of our trucks, it’s sitting there running. Not going anywhere. Just running. Burning fuel for nothing. I think to myself, “I wonder if this driver knows that is not just costing me money. But probably himself or herself as well.”

I told everybody in 2016 when I bought the company. “You make me money, and I will share it.” And I still mean that.

At $4.50 per gallon (today’s cost) with 65 trucks just at FV Martin. How much money per month just go up in smoke, due to failure to shut down your powerplant? If you believe the internet the average class 8 truck engine burns around 1 gallon per hour.

We looked at Eroad and our average per day per truck is 2.5 to 3 hour per day. That is burning $13.50 per truck per day for nothing. Take that, multiplied by 65 just for FV Martin Trucking, that is $877.50 per day up in smoke. With 21 working days this month. That extends out to $18,427.50 Just for September. Wouldn’t that be nice to share with all? Don’t leave your truck idling. It costs us all.