By June 23, 2021Blog Posts

For some of you working here is simply a job; for others it’s a chance to build a career and a new life, to be a part of something really good.

Being in touch with and aware of your surroundings is a critical part of what you do each day.

Running into things that are standing still, should not be a regular part of your routine day.

Whenever you question your ability to clear something, take a minute and GET OUT AND LOOK.

Make sure you know what you are trying to avoid running into, or over.

Take that minute to re-evaluate your plan BEFORE you just drive ahead.

Since January of this year there have been no less than 9 incidents of striking a stationary object.

WHY ??  YOU ARE ALL PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS- There is no excuse other than complacency.

Please pay attention to every aspect of your job. It’s not just stationary objects that is a concern, but your safety’

doing what you do every day.