Good info for NEWBIES. Good refresher for the OLD GUYS.

By July 20, 2022Blog Posts

Its time once again to remind everyone. One of the most important things you must do daily in PRETRIP inspection. You never know what happened to your equipment over night. Even if you drove it the day before with no problem.  You DON’T know if your engine created a leak  internally and all your oil is in your coolant or your coolant is in your oil system. Maybe the shop changed your oil and didn’t fill it up enough. Who knows maybe your wife’s ex-husband came in and drained your oil!

Just do the right thing. Do a complete precheck. You look really dumb with a flat on your log trailer at the landing when the logger un-deck’s it and it hasn’t rolled all morning.

Check all your lights. We run with headlights on for safety. You don’t look professional with some lights not working.

REMEMBER You are the PRO