Great News!!!!!!!

By March 31, 2020Blog Posts

As many of you may remember when I bought the company, I told you we would have to keep our spending down and show the bankers I can do this with out Floyd Martin’s financial backing.

We have passed the first hurdle. The bankers love what we are doing and the way I conduct business with them.

Next, my management team and I, went to our main customers and negotiated new contracts to get us more money.

I asked you people to be patient with me and you were. I told you if we could make good choices and earn good money, I would share it. And I will.

Today I would like to announce that effective April 1st 2020 we have new wage for all truck drivers.

In this new wage package, I have built in a thank you for your tenure. Another way of showing our appreciation to those who stick with us.

I do not want to post it here, so please see your immediate supervisor for your new rate of pay. But please keep in mind they have work to do as well, so do not waste more time than needed.

I want to thank you all for trusting us with your employment. We have a great team. Let’s keep it rolling!