Headlight Policy

By June 10, 2022Blog Posts

While our safety director was driving down the freeway the other day, he noticed a few trucks that did not have their headlights on. Remember, it is company policy to run with your headlights on at all times. Here are a few beneficial reasons:

– Ok, so weather and visibility make sense, but why would you need headlights on mountain roads or in construction zones? The answer: so other people can see you! Headlights aren’t just about helping you see better. They’re about making you more visible to other people.

– On those narrow mountain roads, cars can blend into the mountains in the background. With lights on, they stand out better to other drivers. Same with winding mountain roads. Even during the daylight, you can usually see headlights from a car coming around a blind bend. This will give you an advanced warning that a car is coming before you ever see the car.

– This is why you’ll often see road signs in mountainous states saying something like “daytime headlight use required for the next 10 miles.” California specifically requires daytime headlight use on mountain roads.

It’s all about being the safest on the road, doesn’t that make sense?