Headlights/Pre and Post-Trip

By March 18, 2020Blog Posts

We have recently noticed that some drivers are not ensuring that their headlights are turned on.

It is company policy to ALWAYS run with your LIGHTS ON. The more lights the greater chance you will be seen.

Pre- Post Trip:

There appears to be a lack of THOROUGH PRE- POST TRIP inspections.

Several units have been identified with lights not working as the trucks leave the yard.

Check EVERYTHING before you leave and when you return. If something needs to be fixed write it up before you go home, or see the shop before you leave the yard.

LED lighting needs to be replaced if 50% or more of the lights are out.

Lets keep on top of issues as they develop. It is much easier to fix something at our shop rather than on the road somewhere. Saves both time and money.