Heads up.

By May 30, 2023Blog Posts

Most of you working here are here to make money. To most of you more money is better. The best way to make more money is for the company to make the most it can and share with all. The easiest way for the company to make the most money it can is for all trucks to be full and running.

To do this we need enough drivers to fill all of or equipment. As well as enough mechanics to keep them all running.

Right now, we don’t have either. We need to advertise as best we can. That means you all as well. Talking bad on the CB about the company or on line. Airing company dirty laundry for all to read rather than sitting down with management to figure out why something you disagree with is happening won’t help and is probably costing all of you money.

If you have an issue, talk to your immediate supervisor about it. If that doesn’t work or you’re not comfortable doing that come talk to me. My door is always open and my phone rings 24 hours a day.  Let’s keep our issues in house and together we can fix them.