By March 26, 2024Blog Posts

Good news. Sort of… Normally health insurance representatives come in once a year and say “Great news, your rate is only going up 23% this year.”

This year they came in saying it is only going up 10%. The good news for you, is that the company has decided to pick up 50% of that increase. So rather than us paying 75% of employee only, we will be paying 80% of the employee only policy cost.

Keep checking in because in May we will have our agent come down and explain the whole thing. On May 3rd you will get your insurance packages and then have 1 week to get them filled out and returned to Heather in the office. If it is not turned back in, you will not be dispatched out. We have to do this sort of thing due to those who refuse to follow directions. We are on a strict timeline to get our insurance cards so that we can have continuous coverage.

Thank you,