By March 12, 2019Blog Posts

We have a new trend that is not a good one going on. Two times in the last few months, we have had different drivers call up and say their trucks simply will not start. Of course, according to them, they have tried EVERYTHING. It just won’t start.

So, we bite the bullet and send out a mechanic. Rather it be a outside mechanic or company mechanic. It is very expensive to send out on a road call.

The mechanic shows up. Climbs in the truck and puts the truck in neutral. You know, like any truck you are trying to start should be. Once in neutral, the truck fires right up.

This is a very expensive lesson. So, I would like to pass on to everyone a message my Dad taught me when I was very young and getting into trucks for the first time.

After, and only after checking the oil and water, (along with everything else under the hood) climb in the truck. Rattle the shifter to make sure it is in neutral and start it, keeping a close eye on the oil gauge. Making sure it come up relatively quickly. If it doesn’t shut the engine off before doing serious damage.

These simple tasks will save you time and us money. It is just the right thing to do. Remember, you are the professional. What must that mechanic be thinking of our guys.

Troy Hutchens