Help me understand!

By October 6, 2020Blog Posts

Recently it has gotten back to management that some people are complaining about us doing operational studies to see who is doing pre-trip inspections and who is not.

First and foremost, it is every driver’s job to do it. There is no reason not to. Even if you drive the same truck every day you don’t know if you have a pin hole in a cylinder liner and all your water leaked into you oil pan over night. Or the shop fixed a water leak but forgot to top off radiator.  Its just a safety measure that is necessary.

Since I bought the company, we have shown a track record of putting money back into the company. Raises more often than ever before. Even buying new log trucks for the first time since I got here in 1991.  But, in order to afford these thing’s, we must eliminate all unnecessary cost.

So, realize, if you are doing your job, these checks won’t hurt you at all. Maybe even help you. If you are not then you may get disciplined. So those people must be the ones complaining.

If someone complains about them to you. Tell them to do their job!

Troy Hutchens