Help with the share.

By June 18, 2024Blog Posts

I told you all that were with us at the time I bought the company. “You make me money and I will share” I meant that when I said it and I still feel that way.

With that being said. I find it odd that I walk out in the yard or at a mill or in the woods and all I find is our trucks idling. Burning money for nothing. Put all that money being burnt for nothing with the cost of two trucks totaled. One trailer heavily damaged. And the insurance hike we will be paying for those and it’s hard to tell our employees are trying very hard to get me to share anything.

I know I can’t blame you all for those not trying. But maybe if you all helped remind each other it could be your money they are wasting by over idling or driving unsafe.  Just maybe it would help.

Just my thoughts.