Here is a Reminder about fire extinguishers!

By May 1, 2020Blog Posts

Aside from complying with regulations, having a working fire extinguisher can save someone’s life, and or property. This includes being able to minimize the amount of damage a fire can cause to the truck you drive every day.

Every truck has a fire extinguisher. According to DOT, drivers are required to check their fire extinguisher during both the Pre-Trip and Post trip inspections each day it goes into service.

In the last 2 days we found 2 that were not functional. One had the safety pin and tie in place, but had still leaked down. The other appears to have been briefly used, but not written up to be replaced.

Please remember to do a complete vehicle inspection twice a day, EVERY DAY.

If you use it REPORT it, so it can be replaced before you or someone else drives away in that truck.