How are we doing?

By May 14, 2024Blog Posts

The last several years. We have thrown a lot of money bettering the look, feel and pride around here.

Newer trucks. More mechanics. Another example most of you won’t notice, but we spent $10,000 stopping the shop’s roof from leaking. New bark and flowers with new drip system to water them. This helps the office people and the shop personnel feel good when they walk in. Updated the yellow safety paint.

My goal here is to make you all proud to call the Martin Companies your home for employment.

I know you all want more money, but other than that. What else can we do to make you brag about working here. Help us advertise to potential employees as well as our customers. Let them know we are the best.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The more trucks we run, the more business we have. And, the safer we run, the more money we make. The more money we make, the more I can give to you.

Please be safe.