How to reach Heather in Payroll

By January 25, 2021Blog Posts

There have been many people saying that they have questions in regards to payroll/PTO but they are not able to speak with Heather because she isn’t in the office when needed. Please know that Heather works part time in the office and the remainder of her day from home. She is reachable at ALL TIMES between 6am-3pm and will even take calls outside of those designated times for night shift employees. Call the office between 7am and 5pm and the office staff can transfer you to her cell phone or call her direct at 541-840-9016. Email is always an option as well at . Please do not think that you can’t get questions or concerns taken care of just because Heather isn’t in the office. She can come to the office if you need to go over things face to face as well.