I need your help!

By August 2, 2022Blog Posts

After living in our first owned home for 26 years. Since 1996. Raising our 5 kids. My wife Sheri and I have decided to upgrade our home. We bought a newer home up on the hill on the east side of Medford. We are both very excited.

We have begun to start packing up our 26-year collection of junk. This is where I need your help.  Among all the other stuff. Part of the stuff in the way is a shoe box full of money to give to employees for bringing on new recruits. I need someone to help me get rid of it.

So. Please do your part to help me move. Send everyone in to apply for a job driving truck. (Qualified of course) I then can give YOU the money I have stacking up. Rules do apply for this benefit, so see your company official for details.

More newer trucks are coming and we need drivers to fill them.

Thanks for your help.